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Miscellaneous Funded Projects - 2008
Arbor Day Tree Planting - 22 April 2008
Bicycle Safety 24 April 2008
Pitch-Hit-and-Run - 26 April 2008
Baby Sitting Clinic - April 2008
Treynor Days - September 2007
Scholarships - 2007, 2008
Bicycle Safety - May 2007
Youth Appreciation - May 2007
Arbor Day - April 2007
Babysiting Clinic - April 2007
Punt, Pass, Kick - September 2007

Homecoming and Treynor Days

Homecoming Parade Pictures

September 14, 2007

Homecoming 2007

Treynor Day's Activities

September 15, 2007

Children's Parade

Kid's Carnival

Kiddy Train Rides

Community Team Water Fights

Car Show

Talent Show


Treynor Scholarship Recipients - 2008

Congratulations to the Treynor Optimist Club college scholarships recipients ($300 scholarship)

Faith McAlpine
Andrew Maddox
Leslie VanWinkle
Lee Volkens
Megan Godfrey
Katie Hempel


Treynor Scholarship Recipients - 2007

Congratulations to the Treynor Optimist Club college scholarships recipients ($300 scholarship)

Lea Hartigan
Travis Miller
Melissa Nielsen
Tara Reichter
Nicole Schmidt
Cristie Smith

Bicycle Safety

24 April 2008

Bike Safety winner

63 youth participated.


Bicycle Safety

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bicycle Awards Ceremony

Participants each received a new bicycle helmet.

Babysiting Clinic

For 5th & 6th Grade Students

Four Mondays in April
April 7, 14, 21, 28

Taught by Mary Kouris
West Pott. ISU Extension Service

Assistance from the Junior Treynor Women

Sponsored by the Junior Treynor Women
and the Treynor Optimist Club.

2008 class
Babysiting formal picture


April 2007

Babysiting formal picture Babysiting informal picture
End of class Press Release

Optimist Club Funding

$200 - Elementary Assembilies

$100 - Larkin Campus

$150 Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership

$355 to Treynor Pantry
($255 from Club Members & $100 from Optimist Club)

Youth Appreciation Celebration

May 6, 2007

Awards Ceremony

Arbor Day Tree Planting

Tuesday, April 22, 1:00 p.m.

Arbor Day Tree Planting

Four trees at Elementary School

Two trees near TS Bank

Two Trees at City Park

Council Bluffs Trees Forever is matching the money donated by Pheasants Forever and TS Bank for these trees in Treynor.


Arbor Day Tree Planting

completed April 20, 2007

Next to TS Bank

Fifth Graders   Fifth Graders   Student Pyramid   Adults Unloading Tree
More Pictures

Treynor Punt-Pass-Kick competition
27 September 2007


Age Event Boys Girls
12-13 Punt 1. Michael Sietsma
2. Trevor Craft
3. Ty Castle
Katie Zimmerman
  Pass 1. Nick Paulsen
2. Dane Livengood
3. Trevor Craft
Katie Zimmerman
  Kick 1. Ty Castle
2. Nick Paulsen
3. Trevor Craft
Katie Zimmerman
10-11 Punt 1. Michael Wesley
2. Brody Hanson
3. Trey Robinson
1. Taylor Peatrawsky
2. Madison Huff
3. Tracy Purdy
  Pass 1. Trey Robinson
2. Trey Snyder
3. Michael Wesley
1. Taylor Peatrawsky
2. Tracy Purdy
3. Madison Huff
  Kick 1. Trey Robinson
2. Brody Hanson
3. Trey Snyder
1. Tracy Purdy
2. Taylor Peatrawsky
3. Madison Huff
8-9 Punt 1. Caleb Elwood
2. Nolan Chapman
3. Brett Daley
1. Sarah Duysen
2. Aly Anderson
3. Madison Paulsen
  Pass 1. Brett Daley
2. Nolan Chapman
3. Kyle Young
1. Madelyn Deitchler
2. Aly Anderson
3. Madison Paulsen
  Kick 1. Dean Bedell
2. Billy Higgins
3. Grant Mantell
1. Aly Anderson
2. Madelyn Deitchler
3. Madison Paulsen

Winners of Dreamland Theater tickets (3 each) were:

Peyton Peatrowsky
Travis Manzer
Dakota Grund
Reed Miller


Saturday, April 26, 3:00 p.m.

Students from ages 7 to 14

Pitch Hit and Run winners

Participants are given the opportunity to pitch, hit, and run. They will be scored and compete against other students in their age division. While it is all for fun, ribbons will be given to winners in each age group.

Pitch - Throw pitches at a designated “Strike Zone” target.
Hit - Hit from a stationary tee for distance and accuracy.
Run - Run from second base to home plate (160 feet) for time.

This event is a local part of a national conpetition organized by Major League Baseball. National details can be found at the website www.mlb.com/phr. Winners of the Treynor event can move on in competition. Participant Info.

Because this is a national competition, students need to bring a birth certificate or batismal record to verify age. Age brackets will be divided based on birthday, their age as of of July 17, 2008. Parents will need to sign a release form.

This is the first time this competition has been held in Treynor. Students from all schools are invited to participate. For more information, contact Eric Allen at 712-487-3559.